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Diamond Painting-DIY 2pcs Leather Bookmark Butterfly Tassel Crafts

2pcs DIY Diamond Painting Leather Bookmark Special-shaped Drill Tassel Book Marks Craft Art Mosaic Gift Decoration
Colorful diamond painting bookmarks can appeal to children and adults;
Suitable for diamond painting beginners and enthusiasts to make;
Enjoy the fun of DIY and create stylish diamond painting bookmarks
Wonderful gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc.

Item: DIY handmade art diamond painting bookmark
Material: Leather
Size: 21*6cm/8.27*2.36''
Diamond Type: Special Shaped Diamond

Cute look:
Made of reliable materials, these diamond painting bookmarks have lovely and vivid creative shapes
The studded rhinestones reflect a shimmering sheen in the light and look vivid and delicate, adding more color and fun to your life.

Steps to DIY Diamond Drawing Bookmarks:
1. Find the corresponding diamond according to the symbol list and pour it into a plastic tray.
2. Place the clay on the diamond stick pen.
3. Use a diamond sticker with clay to stick the diamonds and stick them in the corresponding diamond color number.
4. Press the diamond with a book or hand to make sure it is strong.

2 x Bookmarks
1 x Diamond drawing tools (point drill pen, speed-up disk)